Donation : Construction of Pagoda : Temple Wat Pa Satitthamwanaram

November of 2015, Mr. Peeraroj Chairatn and His Family has donate 1.2 Million Baht to the Construction of Pagoda at Temple Wat Pa Satitthamwanaram as a “reminders” or “memorials” places used by Buddhists People to remember the Buddha and His Monk. This Pagoda will be a symbol of Buddha and The Enlighten Monk who follow his teaching which will last a thousand years from now.

These Pagoda is for next generation of our Child and For the people of Community to remember what is the purpose of Buddhism. The Society and People will remember that those who choose to practice the Buddha’s Teaching will be able to get rid of Greed, Anger and Desire. Enlightenment is not religious but it is a goal for Humanity and its purpose to Buddhism. Those Monk who reach the enlightenment, Their Bone and Ashes shall turn to crystal after deceased. The Evidence and Proof will be stored here in Pagoda that last forever for many generation to come to seek the truth.

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