Donation : Construct the Chapel of Wat Thum Klong Plea

October 22, 2017 Mr.Peeraroj Chairatn CEO of KPL Group together with all the member of KPL Staffs made the donation 1.07 million Baht to construct the Chapel of Wat Thum Klong Plea Temple at the Province of Nong Bua Lam Phu the Northern Kingdom of Thailand

The Chapel is very important for the community of the people of Nong Bua Lamp Phu Province as for the Communities’s gathering for praying and meditation, Listen to Buddha’s Teaching and For a Small Child to learn about how to be a good person to the Country and the Society.

The Temple’s abbot : Luang Por Boonpeng is one the most influence Monk in the Province and a very important apprentice of Luang Por Kow Anarnyo. With Luang Por Boonpeng’s teaching on how to approach Enlightenment and How to be Good Person from the inside out. The teaching has brought a lot of citizen and Monk to the temple for many decades. However the Chapel of this very important temple has grown too old, the temple has made the decision to rebuilt a better Chapel and That’s when Mr.Peeraroj Chairatn and his team come in the help raising fund for this temple and the community.

The Campaign has raised up 2.7 Million Baht at the end of the campaign. With this Success result the Temple can now begin to build the Chapel for everyone.

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